Welcome to Quality Reports [EMR]

Quality Reports [EMR]® is innovative new software from Canis Lupus LLC®, designed specifically for modern radiation therapy. It generates advanced, customizable electronic reports for the patient EMR/EHR system. Quality Reports [EMR] is an FDA-regulated medical device data system, available for sale in the USA.

Quality Reports [EMR]: 1) works with all planning systems and delivery modalities, interfacing via DICOM storage and archive; 2) automates protocols (along with any physician-specific goals) via quantitative, user-defined collections of critical plan metrics; and 3) creates/manages “histories” of plan quality, enabling continual improvement and ensuring meaningful use of the EMR.

In addition, several advanced features staged for the future of Quality Reports, including Icarus [RT]®, are currently being used for research and evaluation by over 100 scientists worldwide. Icarus is a patent-pending technology that generates both pre- and post-plan analytics on: 1) the achievability of dose/DVH metrics with respect to each patient anatomy (CT and structures), and 2) the patient-adjusted Plan Quality Scores, so factor out the elements of variation in quality that are purely due to challenging anatomy. Icarus [RT] is non-commercial and 510(k) will be applied for in January 2014. It is currently available for research purposes only.

If you are interested in a trial of Quality Reports or in a technology grant to use it for research, please contact us.